Friday, August 26, 2005

A lament

Turkey's mired down a bit these days for lack of clear technical direction. He's
studying the source code and moving forward in painfully small baby steps.
But he doesn't know quite what to believe as he strives for headway
through the copious corpus of Twisted documentation. The more he reads,
admittedly focusing for now on Twisted.web, the more the docs feel like a
hall of mirrors. And his attempts to make some of the code examples work
have been less than encouraging.

Quite likely Turkey's failure to progress through Twisted is due to his
own neurological inadequacies, but the record suggests that many have
stumbled and fallen before him.

So Turkey needs a guide or two to keep him pointed in the right direction.
He's not afraid to do his part with diligent study and, as demonstrated,
to document his progress through the twisted paths of Twisted. But he's
too old now to spend much time treading abandoned paths or getting mugged
in blind alleys.


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