Friday, August 26, 2005

It can be done!

Axiom is divmod's work-in-progress persistence system.

Looks like it's starting life on the right foot with outstanding documentation:

Writing Web Applications with Axiom and Mantissa

It can be done! It must be done for the whole of Twisted.


Blogger Alex said...

Ah, crap, I knew I'd regret making a public link to that thing. Now I've got to keep it updated. ;)

Yes, I am trying to write a HOWTO for Axiom and Mantissa, and along the way I'm trying to help advocate for some features that might not appeal to the core Divmod community, but which make life easier for little people like me who just want to write simple web applications.

However, I don't have any plans to use Mantissa on my personal projects in the near future. Not that it isn't a cool framework; it just doesn't quite fit the mold I have. What that means is the documentation I write will only be good for so long; other people will need to build upon it, sooner or later, if it's going to stay alive.

7:26 AM  
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