Friday, August 26, 2005

It can be done!

Axiom is divmod's work-in-progress persistence system.

Looks like it's starting life on the right foot with outstanding documentation:

Writing Web Applications with Axiom and Mantissa

It can be done! It must be done for the whole of Twisted.

A lament

Turkey's mired down a bit these days for lack of clear technical direction. He's
studying the source code and moving forward in painfully small baby steps.
But he doesn't know quite what to believe as he strives for headway
through the copious corpus of Twisted documentation. The more he reads,
admittedly focusing for now on Twisted.web, the more the docs feel like a
hall of mirrors. And his attempts to make some of the code examples work
have been less than encouraging.

Quite likely Turkey's failure to progress through Twisted is due to his
own neurological inadequacies, but the record suggests that many have
stumbled and fallen before him.

So Turkey needs a guide or two to keep him pointed in the right direction.
He's not afraid to do his part with diligent study and, as demonstrated,
to document his progress through the twisted paths of Twisted. But he's
too old now to spend much time treading abandoned paths or getting mugged
in blind alleys.

Music to the ears!

Ah! A generous compliment from the divmod-dev mailing list:

"Hey, that's awesome.

"Everyone should have an alter ego, and write docs as fun to read
as these!"


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Why Twisted?

If you want to do it over the network, Twisted is the way of wizards. But, first, you must earn your cape and wand.

The Twisted site provides megabytes of outstanding documentation. But much of it assumes that the reader knows more than your humble Techno. So Techno created the website Techno Turkey's Twisted Adventure to document his plodding steps through Twisted, starting with Twisted.web. Techno strives to make the fewest possible assumptions on the website beyond html 101, basic Linux literacy, and a passing acquaintance with Python.

This blog is an informal diary of Techno's struggles to bring insightful content to the website. Among other things, it provides a forum for fellow travellers to talk back.

Twisted was developed by the wizard collective at Twisted Matrix Laboratories to provide network support for Twisted Reality, a framework for building interactive, multi-player, text-based fictional worlds.

But, even if you're an old sobersides with no time for games, Twisted provides nearly every function you'll need to connect your Python application to the internet through HTTP, SMTP, DNS, IRS, TELNET, POP3, SSH and more.